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The ministry does not want to feed your problem. We use prayer, literature and encouragement from "His Word".


Our ministry believes in: The Bible as the inspired and authoritative word of God (2 Timothy 3:16, Psalms 119:105, Hebrews 4:12).

Fellowship meetings

Find the help that you're seeking from our faith-based outreach program.

Come to our food pantry and fresh food distribution if you're in need. We are always willing to help.


Our ministry also offers clothing, holiday meal baskets and spiritual guidance for those seeking the Lord. Stop by today.

Fresh food giveaway

Please call the office at Jesus' Right Hand Ministries to see how we can help.


We can guide you toward a brighter future through prayer, fellowship and outreach programs.


Speak with us today for a brighter tomorrow.

Strong intercessory prayer team

Our Continuing Commitment


By faith we know if God sends someone to us, He has also provided help in some way.  This means the physical evidence of what is required to satisfy an individual's need may not always exist at that time.  But we believe that help will arrive at just the right time. We have a responsibility of guiding those who come to us to Jesus Christ, a more permanent solution to life’s difficulties.  We believe lasting victory came through Jesus Christ, but that is a personal decision that must be left between each individual and God. Our real desire is to be pleasing in His sight and to share the love of God with everyone who will receive.

Through the Word of Jesus

The ongoing goal at Jesus' Right Hand Ministries in New Virginia is to encourage individuals to be overcomers. Making a difference... one life at a time.

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Monday's Fresh Food Giveaway will be held as scheduled from 1-3 pm as a drive thru operation.

We will be distributing bags of groceries in front of

the Distribution Center during those hours. Please

look for a volunteer to direct you where to wait.


Our emergency food pantry will be available during

the week, but we ask that you call first so we can

fill out the application for you over the phone.


We are striving to keep our clients and staff

safe during our office hours (9:30-11:30).

Please read the instructions on our door before

coming inside.  Thank you for your cooperation!